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Developing an established landfill site on the banks of the River Ribble, the park will ultimately run on renewable energy, as well as house a recycling centre.

  • 100% carbon-free green space
  • Phoenix Recycling Project (PRP)
  • Renewable energy and technology, including solar and wind
  • Electric motocross track and other eco-friendly leisure activities

Green spaces are essential for preserving natural areas, as well as encouraging wildlife to thrive and grow. They are also important for both mental and physical wellbeing.

Environment is at the heart of Phoenix Park, from the use of renewable energy and technology, to creating a comprehensive recycling programme. This will provide local residents and schools with access to the park, enabling them to deposit household recyclables.

The regeneration project comprises 70 acres of largely contaminated green space, located near an established landfill site. Subject to approval, the site will host numerous outdoor leisure activities, all created with sustainability in mind.

Phoenix Park will produce its own energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, storing energy within batteries on site. With this in mind, the park aims to become 100% carbon-free in the future.

Our renewable energy sources will include:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Waste to energy
  • Tidal gateway

Installing renewable energy sources will ensure the park will have its own supply of energy, without having a negative impact on the environment. It will also positively utilise any waste that accumulated through the recycling programme.

Phoenix Park will have a landmark building, which will be the pinnacle of renewable energy and resources for the park. This building will not only function as a learning resource for young people, it will enable them to see how renewable energy is produced and stored.

Other activities

Engaging your people inEducation

Providing modern, vocational education to some of the UK’s most hard to reach children and young people, including the provision of student accommodation and access to employment.

Supporting localCommunities

Phoenix Park will grow with the population, providing leisure activities and employment opportunities. Our comprehensive recycling programme will help to bring communities together, with a mutual goal.

Regeneration for access toLeisure

Accessible leisure activities will aim to promote health and well-being, providing everyone with the opportunity to try new interests and hobbies.