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At Phoenix Park, we’ll be providing modern, vocational education to young people who are within the care system, or who haven’t thrived in a mainstream education setting, through Pioneer TEC, a specialist provider for looked after children between the ages of 11 – 18.

There will be  student accommodation onsite and access to employment and the development of skills. Students will live in purpose-built accommodation with their own space and room to develop and grow.

Students will be provided with a pathway programme, ensuring they have clear goals and aims. This programme will be bespoke and developed by both the staff and the students, so they’re involved in their own learning and progress from day one.

Every young person who comes through Pioneer TEC’s doors will be assessed and reviewed individually to ensure their needs are continuously met. First and foremost, maintaining their safety is paramount to us so enabling them to thrive in an environment where they feel content, safe and comfortable.

Our staff and team members are made up of a wide variety of individuals with different backgrounds and cultures. Their skills, qualifications and experience help support our students and nurture their needs.

It’s not just mainstream subjects we focus on at Pioneer TEC. We encourage each and every student to take up new and exciting challenges, including:

• Off-road motocross
• Quad bikes and go-karts
• Camping
• Water sports
• Cycling
• Scooters and skateboarding

During their time at Pioneer TEC, young people will be encouraged to engage in work experience, to provide them with the opportunity to learn new skills. These work experience opportunities will help give our students a valuable insight into the world of work.

Alongside work experience, we will provide opportunities for paid employment, helping our young people experience a true working environment, develop skills and aid their employability beyond Pioneer TEC.

Each and every student is treated as an individual during their stay with us – their pathway ensures they’re doing what they enjoy and achieving  along the way to build self-esteem and confidence.

Other activities

Helping build a sustainableEnvironment

Developing on an established landfill site, the park will run on completely renewable energy & technology, and be home to a recycling centre – with the aim to become 100% carbon-free.

Supporting localCommunities

Phoenix Park will grow with the population, providing leisure activities and employment opportunities. Our comprehensive recycling programme will help to bring communities together, with a mutual goal.

Regeneration for access toLeisure

Accessible leisure activities will aim to promote health and well-being, providing everyone with the opportunity to try new interests and hobbies.