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Our aim at Phoenix Park is to provide an exciting green space for the local community and beyond. The park will grow with, and adapt to, the population, providing leisure activities that everyone can participate in, as well as the development of an inclusive educational environment.

Our comprehensive recycling programme will help to bring communities and schools together, encouraging the participation in renewable energy and a robust recycling programme.

Community drop-off points at supermarkets and local meeting points will ensure easy access to the recycling programme – as well as encourage all generations to get involved.

Our focus is to ensure young people are aware of the effects of renewable energy and the need for carbon reduction, not just in their own region, but globally too. We want to encourage communities to reduce their carbon footprint and we can only do this through the buy-in of all generations.

Communities who are involved in the recycling project will reap the benefits, not only because they can start to enjoy a cleaner environment, but also because they can access the park and enjoy the leisure activities on offer.

Through our specialist education centre, Pioneer TEC, the most at risk young people will be provided with an opportunity to develop their skills and gain a viable education. They’ll learn social skills, gain confidence, build their self-esteem and ultimately find employment onsite – all of which can help contribute to the local community socio-economically.

They’ll be the formation of a CIC (community interest company), with a long-term plan to own and operate the site. This will benefit the community and provide investment opportunities. We’ll work closely with the Government Landfill Tax Fund to gain further funding for the site to ensure it’s maintained and continues to be fully renewable.

Phoenix Park is located just off the gateway for the new M55 link road, allowing for easy access to the park and great transport links. For local communities and beyond, this will mean accessing the park will be quicker and easier than ever.

Other activities

Helping build a sustainableEnvironment

Developing on an established landfill site, the park will run on completely renewable energy & technology, and be home to a recycling centre – with the aim to become 100% carbon-free.

Engaging your people inEducation

Providing modern, vocational education to some of the UK’s most hard to reach children and young people, including the provision of student accommodation and access to employment.

Regeneration for access toLeisure

Accessible leisure activities will aim to promote health and well-being, providing everyone with the opportunity to try new interests and hobbies.